Health Info

One of the most valuable services that a Family Council can provide is to assist its members in understanding the nature of the health challenge that a loved one is facing.  Active Family Councils will regularly invite guest speakers to help to inform/educate/empower its members about a variety of seniors’ health concerns and health resources.  group discussion

Sometimes, family members just want to learn more about the disease that is challenging their loved one in care.  Knowing typical manifestations of the disease not only helps to remove the uncertainty that family and friends can feel, it can enable them to have informed, constructive conversations with staff as they work together to build management plans for their loved ones.  The Healthlink site can help.  It provides good information about a variety of diseases that can affect the elderly.

Another strategy for family and friends of residents is to contact specific associations.   They can often help by providing additional resources, or perhaps even guest speakers for Family Council meetings.  Here are a few……

Alzheimer Society British Columbia

Arthritis Society of BC

BC Lung Association

Canadian Diabetes Association

Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC and Yukon

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

Parkinson Society British Columbia

Osteoporosis Society of Canada (BC Division)