“How well are the needs of seniors with dementia being met in residential care facilities?”  Read the insights of Penny MacCourt in the Spring newsletter from Columbian Centre. Currents Spring 2014

– Dr. Michael Klein will be speaking at the Parksville Community Centre on Tuesday, April 29 from 7-9pm.  The free event is sponsored by the Canadian Doctors for Medicare, and will explore “Federal funding to Medicare (that will) be reduced by $36 billion over the next 10 years”, and “pending legal action (that) will permit more for-profit private clinics”.  The forum will pose the question: “who really pays?”

– The Family Council at Beacon Hill in Victoria invites (April 9) VIAFC members to attend an informational session on Power of Attorney, Living Wills, Changes in the Law and so on….  

“Hi everybody at the Vancouver Island Family Council Association. For your information,  Dustin Marnell, lawyer with Horne Coupar firm will be giving a talk  on power of attorneys, living wills, changes  in the law etc….  on  Wednesday April 9  at 2pm  at Beacon Hill villa  , 635 Superior street.  The presentation will take place in the lower level activity room.  We will send you a poster  towards the end of March. We would be delighted if you and any interested party would like to attend. All the best, Danielle Thaler President Beacon Hill Villa Family Council”

– The Ministry of Health has appointed Isobel MacKenzie to the position of Seniors’ Advocate. The position is similar to a deputy minister, and advises/reports to the Ministry of Health and according to the Seniors Advocate Act, “may report to the public…”    The postion was created largely in response to the Ombudspersons report, but concerns are being expressed about the position NOT being independent of the government.


– Employees and seniors at Sunridge Place in Duncan are facing mass layoffs by June 2nd, according to new owners, Park Place Seniors Living. Similar layoff notices were delivered by to staff at New Horizons, another Park Place facility in Campbell River, a number of weeks earlier.


– New Guidelines for Family Councils in Island Health (released in October 2013)

Island Health wanted to create a document that would assist friends and family of residents in care either to create new Family Councils or to enhance existing Family Councils.  They asked the Vancouver Island Association of Family Councils for contributions, comments, and suggestions in the development of this guide.   The new Family Council Guidelines have been sent to all Island Health and Affiliate residential care facilities on the island.


– “Right now there’s a legal challenge that could end Medicare as we know it” (Canadian Doctors for Medicare)

“Brian Day, owner of Vancouver’s for-profit Cambie Surgery Centre and the leading proponent of privatized health care, has launched a constitutional challenge to break Medicare via the courts and establish a US-style system in Canada.  The BC Health Coalition and Canadian Doctors for Medicare are interveners in this case” (BC Health Coalition)

To follow the story and related campaigns see BCHC “Constitutional Challenge to Medicare”

Campbell River:  Owner Plans to Contract Out Operation of “New Horizons” residential care facility in Campbell River

“Layoff notices will take effect as of April 22nd”.  See the original story in the Courier Islander

Campbell River: Citizens protest the impending layoff of residential care workers.  

200 – 300 residents protested.  The company also plans to contract out services at its facility in Duncan. Campbell River Mirror

Countries around the world are examining new ways to deliver Dementia Care. 

See this unique example of Dutch Dementia Care.  They showcase a facility that creates a safe, friendly, village-like setting for its residents – very unlike the facilities that most of us are famliar with.