Proposal for Change

At the 2014 Annual General Meeting of VIAFC, we identified the two biggest obstacles to our association’s efforts to advocate for quality of care: staffing instability and marginalization of the efforts of  individual family councils within long term care facilities.  We have made a proposal to the Ministry of Health to ensure the important voice of family councils is heard throughout British Columbia.  The proposal may be viewed here:  MOH Proposal For Change 2015 update 2018

Our Proposal for Change has received wide support throughout BC .  Some letters of support from individual family councils may be viewed here:

Corporate owned facility

family owned facility

a FC permitted to operate in a hospital facility

fraser health family council 1

Fraser Health family council 2 letter of support

manager’s experience at a non-profit

Some other letters of support (researchers/community groups) may be viewed here:

UBC McGregor Support Letter (003)

UBC Letter of Support Baumbusch

divisions Family Practice letter of support

FCNS Letter of Support Van Isle Assoc Family Councils

bchc ltr of support_viafc_mar 2015


British Columbia is far behind other provinces in terms of regulatory language that supports family councils in long term care facilities.  Note the differences in levels of support among Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia :

Guide to Ontario Family Council Regulations

Alberta Family Council Act (2018)

BC Family Councils Regulations