Vancouver Island Association of Family Councils

Who is the Vancouver Island Association of Family Councils?

Formally established in 2010, the Vancouver Island Association of Family Councils (VIAFC) represents member Councils from residential care facilities throughout Island Health (Authority). It is organized into two groups:  South Vancouver Island and Mid to North Vancouver Island.

Terms of Reference

1. Philosophy

We, a group of committed volunteers, believe that the ongoing involvement of family and friends results in enhanced care and improved quality of life for Residents who live in Vancouver Island Health Authority operated or contracted Residential Care Facilities, and who live with chronic or progressive conditions, primarily due to the aging process.

2. Purpose

2.1 Advocate for enhanced care and quality of life for all Residents in Vancouver Island Residential Care, and support and encourage the continuing involvement of families/friends/advocates in all aspects of residential care.

2.2 Provide a forum for support, discussion, advice and involvement in decision-making with families/friends/advocates on issues relating to the daily lives of all Residents in Vancouver Island Residential Care.

2.3 Promote understanding of the Residential Care Regulations, Community Care and Assisted Living Act and other relevant statutes, regulations, policies and practices as they pertain to implementation.

2.4 Share information and develop recommendations regarding care of Residential Care and make formal representation to the appropriate authorities.

2.5 Meet regularly and as necessary with Vancouver Island Health Authority’s directors of Residential Services – VIHA operated and/or contracted facility services – for the purpose of resolving concerns, exchanging information or sharing ideas.

2.6 Take broader and unresolved quality of Residential Care complaints to the appropriate jurisdication/authority.

2.7 Advance the quality of care for residents through dialogue with the Ministry of Health and other ministries as necessary about regulations and policies that impact on seniors in residential care.

2.8 Advance the role and opportunities of Family Councils within the Vancouver Island Health Authority through dialogue with the Ministry of Health and other ministries as necessary about regulations and policies that impact on the operation of Family Councils.

3. Membership

3.1 Voting Membership is open to a maximum of two (2) elected or appointed family members/friends/advocates per Family Council unit/lodge in a Vancouver Island Residential Care Facility.

3.2 Following the death or discharge of a resident, family members/friends/advocates are encouraged to continue their involvement with the VIAFC which includes being an active, voting participant, and eligible to serve on the executive.

4. Executive

4.1 The Executive committee will consist of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Recording Secretary, past Chair and two Directors who will be elected from the VIAFC membership at the Annual General Meeting.  In the event of a vacancy of the table officers, the vacancy will be filled by an election at the next meeting.

4.2 North Vancouver Island (Ladysmith and north) and South Vancouver Island will be equally represented in the positions of Chair, Vice Chair and Directors.

4.3 The Past Chair will remain on the Executive in an advisory position.

5. Meetings

5.1 Meetings will be held at the call of the Chair.

5.2 Meeting schedules will be a time agreed to by the majority of members.

6. Quorum

6.1 At least five members (two of whom must be Executive members) must be present to constitute a quorum.

7. Minutes

7.1 An agenda will be prepared for each meeting.  It will be circulated via email prior to each meeting along with the minutes of the previous meeting and any related attachments.

7.2 A copy of the minutes will be maintained in the VIAFC Minute Record Book, which will be kept in the possession of the Recording Secretary.

8. Evaluation Process

8.1 An annual review will occur at the Annual General Meeting to evaluate the effectiveness of VIAFC.

Approved: Vancouver Island Association of Family Councils (May 25, 2013)